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Today is Evelyn’s 5-month birthday!  She has come so far in the last couple weeks since I last posted.  The biggest news is that she is starting to sit up on her own!  It’s usually only for a short while, and then she starts to slowly lean forward or tip to one side.  But every day, the length of time gets a little bit longer.
Evelyn is also much much more active these days.  She spends a lot more time in her jumperoo and exersaucer.  She’s also started making a lot more noises, mostly funny little coos mixed in with the occassional screech.  She has discovered how to be LOUD.
Despite what the doctor said at our last check-up, I’m convinced that Evelyn is teething.  She spends a lot of time drooling and trying to shove everything she can get her little hands on into her mouth.  She’s become very good at using her hands and we really have to keep an eye on her now.  She can be very very quick when she wants to be.
Tuesday, August 7, 2007
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