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Evelyn has been eating solid foods for almost a month now.  Solids have been a fun adventure for everyone, especially as we discover her likes and dislikes.  So far, we’ve tried bananas, avocados, pears, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots.  We started out with store-bought jars, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t that hard to make her food myself, so we’ve been eating homemade food ever since.  I’d say that so far, she loves just about everything, but I have noticed that she will eat a larger portion of carrots and sweet potatoes than some of the other items.
The only food that Evy really doesn’t seem to care for is pears, which is pretty odd because I think that most kids love them.  The first time we tried them, she mostly spit them out at me.  I waited a few weeks and tried them again just the other day, and while she didn’t refuse them, she did make a hysterically funny face and even shivered a few times.  I wonder if maybe they’re a little too tart?   I’ve tried to capture the face on film, but it only lasts for a second.
I also recently tried to give her some of the Gerber banana-flavored cereal puffs.  I don’t think she cared much for those either, although that was probably more of a textural issue than a flavor issue.  I’m going to wait a few weeks and try again, maybe with Cheerios instead.
Tuesday, October 9, 2007
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