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Evelyn had her 4-month checkup this week, and here are the latest numbers:  she now weighs an astounding 17 lbs., 3 1/2 oz.  She has also grown quite a bit taller since our last checkup, going from 23 to 26 inches long.  The rolls on her thighs and legs are still plentiful, but her belly is not quite as round and protruding as it once was.
Evy has also started to do full rollovers, actually for a few weeks now.  It took her a while to really figure out the whole tummy-to-back thing, but now she can roll across the floor, but still only in one direction!  She also has better control of her hands now, mostly using them to put things in her mouth.  This, combined with the serious amount of drooling that she’s been doing lately, has me convinced that Evy is teething, although the doctor tells me that I’m crazy.
Overall, Evelyn’s coordination has improved, allowing her to sit and actually play with toys.  She is also much more alert and curious about everything, constantly looking around.  It makes for great fun during playtime, but sleepytime has become something of a struggle now since she is so easily distracted.
Saturday, July 14, 2007
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