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Our first Father’s Day was very relaxed, with both breakfast and dinner at home and capped off a great week where we were very lucky to have Grandma here visiting all week, and Grandpa has been here the past two weekends as well.  It seems like in just the short amount of time since I last posted, Evelyn has really started getting the hang of both rolling over and holding her head up while on her tummy.  She still hasn’t quite figured out how to roll the other way though.
Evelyn’s personality has also really started to come out over the past couple weeks, and I am very happy to say that she is mostly full of smiles.  In fact, I think I’m becoming spoiled by how generally happy and calm she is.  Our only real battle right now is that she has decided that she’s a night owl and is often ready to party down at 10 o’clock at night, just when the rest of us are ready to sleep!
Sunday, June 17, 2007
Laid-Back Father’s Day